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This page features my positions on issues relevant to your community, Congressional District and America. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information.  


I am Pro-Life for the Whole Life.  Human life is important from Conception until Natural Death. Yes, even as a former police officer, I do not believe in the death penalty.  Abortion is not an option in my view.  I beleive that Rape and Incest arte not reasons for abortion.  If abortion was wrong during a normal pregnancy, then it is also wrong for rape and incest. It doesn't become right all of a sudden.

The Latin word, "Fetus" means "baby."  The latin term just means that the baby has not been born yet.  Its just the level of development of the baby. Just as newborn, toddler, teen-ager, young adult, adult, middle aged, senior, etc.. is the level that they are alive, but is indeed a human being!

What does Pro-Life for the Whole Life mean?  It means not only do we take care of the unborn baby, but we also care for the newborn as well as young families. Maybe even free babysitting services and even free financial planning advice for parents.

A newly concieved human baby has  human DNA.  The unborn baby has a separate Respitary System, a separate Circulatory System, a separate Digestive System, and separate Nervous System, a separate Skeletal System and of course separate internal organ system and maybe even a different blood type than the mother. The baby is a separate human being....period!


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Death Penalty

 I am against the Death Penalty! I do not believe that we should make the decisions to kill anyone. I m a former Police Officer and did indeed agree with the Death Penalty in my younger years, but I have eventualy seen the murder rate go through the roof.  Apparently it is not a deterrant to murderers. I believe that Life without the possibility of Parole is the best choice. You will basically die in prison!

Don't get me wrong, being a police officer meant that I may have been in a situation when I would have had to take someone's life to prevent great bodily injury or even death of another.  I'm talking about once the murder suspect is apprehended, then we should not then take their life. We are not God!

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I am a firm believer in Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion.  One must have the freedom to practice their religion as they see fit.  We should have religious toleration integrated in our culture.   Read More


I believe we should be the "Stewards" of our planet. We should do all that we can to cut Pollution and possible get rid of it altogether. I also think we should somehow clean up the oceans of all the plastics humans have put into it.  

We should learn and/or research ways to make nuclear power cleaner and safer for use.  Nuclear Power is the cleanest source of energy we have.  We are of course worried about nuclear accidents and we do need to work on how to eliminate this aspect, but if we can nuclear energy looks the most promising to cut down on pollution. 

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I am Pro-Traditional Family. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman.  Statistics show tha families without fathers (or a father role) is more likely in a bad situation. The crime rate is higher among minor children without fathers as well as lower education/literacy levels and econmic stability of single parent families. 

Mothers (single parents) work hard to make ends meet, paycheck to paycheck and may need help in raising their children. If they don't get help, peer pressure and gangs may take over their lives and become a bad infleunce. 

This, over time, will not and has not helped out our American Society!

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Foreign Policy

I do not want war! Use diplomacy first! I am a Former Captain in the US Army (Regular Army, National Guard & Reserves) over 20 years. My occupations were Military Police, Armored Cavalry, & Military Intelligence. Still need to build up our Military Posture (Defense and Offense)

Problem Areas of the World: Russo-Ukraine War, China-Taiwan Issues, North Korea-South Korea Issues, Iran-Israeli Issues, and other hotspots in the world. We need to be ready!!

The United States need to strengthen our grid/Infrastructure to combat Possible Nuclear/Electromagnetic Pulse, Biological, and Chemical Attacks on our country.

I would introduce legislation to reduce the size of our nuclear weapons inventory in the world and possibly eliminate it altogether (if possible)

We Need to strengthen the NATO Alliance and back up Israel.  We need to strengthen the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces.  Iran is the leading sponsor of Terrorism throughout the world.  We need to issue tough sanctions and cut off their finances. 

Need to Cancel the Iran Nuclear Treaty Deal. We do not want Iran to get and use the Nuclear Bomb. They have stated Publicly that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the map and they want “Death to America!!”

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We have a major humanitarian crisis at our nation’s southern border!

The United States needs to at least enforce the current Immigration Laws on the books as well as finish building the wall & close the Southern Border

We must create a quick and easy path to citizenship for those Immigrants who entered our country legally. If you are Illegally in this country, do not commit crimes. You will be deported.

Border States need to activate the National Guard to help the Border Patrol do their jobs during times of Crisis. Too many border patrol agents are clled off the front line to handle paperwork.

Our nation needs to hire more Border Patrol Agents to combat Illegal Border Crossings, Illegal Drugs being smuggled into our country and to Stop terrorist (on the terror watch list) from coming into our country) Border Patrol has caught possible terrorist trying to get into this country. How about the terrorist who we didn’t catch????

We needed to keep better records on crime statistics (Rape, Robbery, Murder, etc…) at the border crossings.

Better temporary living facilities need to be constructed for nicer living conditions and get rid of the cages! These need to be constructed at Border Crossings to house immigrants until the paperwork/Court proceedings are finished.

 The United States need to hire more Immigration Judges at the Border (Mini Court Rooms) to speed the process up. There is too much of a backlog (years ahead)

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Election Integrity

Voter ID is needed. One person equals one vote. Mail-in Ballots are only for those who cannot make it to the Polling Locations

Ballot harvesting should be outlawed.  There are too many ways to cheat!

Every Voting Precinct needs to be on Video Recording. (several different angles) to prevent illegal voting practices.

The Electoral College needs to stay in place.  Without it, the Candidates only have to campaign in only 4 highly populated states (California, Texas, New York & Florida). None of the other smaller populated states would matter. That’s not fair to the other states. I think the founding fathers knew what they were doing!

One needs Identification if they, Are stopped by Law Enforcement/ Emergency Services, Go into the bank and open up an account, give blood, go into a hospital, checked for age (buying Liquor, entering bars, etc…), Buying a House/Car/Property, And More…..

I am sure people are smart enough to get an Identification Card of some sorts!

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2nd Amendment

The Guarantee to possess/own Firearms is in the US Constitution/Bill of Rights cannot be taken away!

Better Background Checks are needed to ensure the individual has no prior felonies/high misdemeanors or any mental incapacities to prevent gun ownership. Yes, there are documents and court records that should shed light on most mental incapacities.

Carrying Concealed Weapons (CCW) should be permitted, but should include more Training and Experience before being allowed to carry firearms. Military/ and/or Police Experience should be counted. Training would include live fire on gun ranges with a high degree of accuracy (over 98%), and keep training until they do reach this threshold) This should also include “Air Marshal” /Combat Type training (standing, prone, moving, simulations, etc….), including Gun Self Defense, Gun Take-away procedures, and response to mass shooting/active shooter scenarios, I also believe that people with CCWs should be automatically “Deputized” in the event of stopping Criminal Activity and/or assisting Law Enforcement. This should be a national law!

I also firmly believe that every K-12 Public School and every private school should have at least one armed police officer, or security officer.  They can be uniformed or plain clothes.  We are having too many school shootings in our country. 

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Law Enforcement

I am a former Police Officer & Captain of Security Operations.

Crime rates are skyrocketing across our nation!

We cannot defund the Police. In fact, give them the money, tools and equipment they need to stop crime from rising.

All Law Enforcement Officers need to wear Body Cams (as well as vehicle cams)

DAs (District Attorneys) need to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law. If not, they should be automatically recalled. We should not have to have a signature gathering event.

Find and Eliminate Sex/Slave Trafficking in this country (and the world)

I Believe in “True Sentencing” if one gets 5 years, then it is 5 years. One doesn’t get off early for “Good Behavior” If one doesn’t like this, then don’t commit the Crime!!

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Afghanistan Chaos

In 2021, President Joe Biden ordered the evacuation of our Military, American Citizens and our Afghan allies from Afghanistan.  It was very chaotic and eventually led to the deaths of 13 of our military personnel, and other victims before the operations closed.  Our government, under President Biden,  made the dicision to hand this operation to the State Department, instead of the US Military. Closing down the US Air Force base at Bagram did not help. 

These decisions showed the weakness of our government and military which may have led to the emboldness of Russia, North Korea, China and Iran

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