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Israeli Hamas War Update

Just an update from my constant Research.  

  • Hamas Attacked Israel  on Saturday, October 7, 2023
  • Hamas Terrorists killed at least 1400 innocent Israelis and Americans (men, women and children)
  • Around 200 Israelis, including American are being held captive
  • Russia perpetrated a cybersecurity attack on Israel by Sunday, October 8, 2023
  • The IDF has amassed on the Hamas/Gaza Strip Border. 
  • Looks like Hezbollah (Lebanon), in the North of Israel, may attack Israel. 
  • Many Hamas command structures have been destroyed by IDF Forces in the Gaza Strip.
  • Just today/yesterday, the IDF forces have captured/ascertained that many of the Hamas Rockets are from North Korea. 
  • President Joe Biden is giving an additional 100 Million to Palestinian Groups for "humanitarian reasons". I really do not believe that this won't fall into the hands of Terrorists.
  • Israel may have to attack the Iranian Nuclear Missile sites.
  • So, it looks like North Korea, China, Russia and Iran are on the Axis Forces and is against Israel and the United States of America. I fear that our country will need to start the Draft back up??

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