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Isreali Palestinian War

On Saturday (10-07-2023), Southern Israel was attacked by Hamas (Gaza Strip). Over 5,000 Rockets, and manned power gliders. To date, it is estimated that 1200 Israelis have been killed and over 400 Hamas Terrorists have been killed. Over 100 Israeli hostages have been taken by Hamas. These numbers will be getting bigger. It as been confirmed that four Americans are among the hostages and 11 Americans are among the dead.

It looks like Israel will be counterattacking the Gaza Strip, probably by today.  Over 300,000 Reserves are being activated. If you remember, Israel has a policy of mandatory military service for both males and females for at least two years (18-20), so most every citizen in Israel has been combat trained.  

We have had at least over 3000 US Marines in the Middle Eastern area for weeks now and we have a US Naval Task Force either already on site in the Mediterranean Sea or on route headed by the USS Gerald Ford (Aircraft Carrier).

Just yesterday (Sunday), it is reported by several news sources that Israel was a victim of a Cybersecurity attack by Russia. The Wall Street Journal states that Hamas (as well as Hezbollah) are being funded by Iran, and was "given the green light to commence operations against Israel."  

Allied Powers: USA, Israel, most European Countries, & Australia probably. Axis Powers: Iran, Russia, China, & North Korea.

I do not want war, but we need to back up Israel!

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